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Mobile Friendly Website
Created: 2/10/2018

The Grand Lodge website is now mobile friendly. The format dynamically adjusts for mobile devices and a new menu system improves navigation. When navigating the menu, you can click on the menu name to goto the page or clicking the arrow will take you to the subordinate menu.

Grand Lodge Website
Created: 1/3/2018

Some changes have been made to the “Our Leadership” section of your Grand Lodge website.

Instead of 10 choices in the drop-down menu, there are now 12.

One new addition is #11 on that list, namely “Lodge Instruction.” This page is dedicated to the members of the Board of Grand Examiners and lists Grand Lodge Instructors as well. This means the top two tables that have appeared under “Committees”, now also appear here. After a few weeks of overlap, these two tables will be deleted from the “Committees” page.

The other addition we have made is titled “Education Officers”.  It’s choice #12 in the drop-down menu and directs you to a page listing area and district education officers with links for email messages. Where you see the letters “TBA”, the Education Officer for that district has not yet been appointed. Look for names to be added to those cells soon.

Despite adding these two new sections, listings for the Chairman of the Board of Grand Examiners and Chairman of the Education Committee will continue to be found under “Committees”, as well in their respective new sections. This redundancy keeps the “Committees” page true to its title.

In making these changes, your Website Committee feels we accomplished three things:

  1. Improved accessibility and recognition for our education officers.
  2. Dedicated a full section to those brethren who are so committed to the work of our gentle craft and make them easier to locate on our site
  3. Reduced the amount of scrolling needed to find a chairman’s name on the “Committees” page.

As always, your questions, comments and feedback are welcome.

Bill Bussiere,
Chairman, Website Committee

Mt. Nebo Lodge #76 installation
Created: 11/29/2017

Mt. Nebo Lodge #76 of Carlinville recently had their installation of officers for 2018 the afternoon of Saturday, November 18, 2017.  The Masonic Brothers installed include: (front row L to R) Robert D. Wiese - Marshall, Joshua Bacon - Senior Deacon, David Hildebrand - Chaplain, James Johnson - Treasurer, Andrew Johnson - Junior Deacon, and (back row L to R) Rodney Eichen - Secretary, Dean Wiese - Senior Warden,  and Eric Van Winkle - Worshipful Master.

Brother Van Winkle is a retired correctional officer and is an active member of the Federated Church. He serves his church as a member of the Board of Trustees. Eric received the DeMolay degree of Chevalier in 1967 and is a Past Master Counselor. He is a life member of Mt. Nebo Lodge and has served in the past as Secretary.
There are family ties in this group of officers. Brother James Johnson is the father of Andrew Johnson, The Marshall, Robert Wiese is the son of Dean Wiese.
After the ceremony refreshments were available for the officers, their families and visitors.


Leyden Laurel Car Show
Created: 10/25/2017

On August 19th, Leyden Laurel Lodge #1057 located in Franklin Park held its inaugural car show. The show was organized to raise money to start the Leyden Scholarship Fund. The hope is that one student from West Leyden High School and one from East Leyden High School will receive a monetary award to help them with theireducational endeavors.

There were sever local businesses which sponsored the event and helped to raise funds. The included:

  • Bro. and Honorable Dave Guerin, Mayor of River Grove
  • The Underpass Lounge
  • Grandstand Pizza
  • Romano’s
  • Harpo VIP Auto Parts
  • Pontarelli Companies
  • O’Hare Crossfit

Beside local business support, several individuals brought their cars to show. There was also a great response from the community. We look forward to hosting the car show as an annual event to help support our local high school students.

IMOS Disaster Relief Assistance
Created: 9/28/2017

Dear Brethren:
In lieu of the recent severe weather that many are experiencing, this director wanted to post a reminder of the Illinois Masonic Outreach Services (IMOS) Disaster Relief Plan. Financial assistance can be offered through the IMOS program in emergency situations for Illinois Master Masons, their Spouses, and Widows. The amount given is to be determined on a "case by case" basis, dependent on the type of disaster and individual needs. Types of emergency financial assistance available (but not limited to) include:

  • Assistance with the cost of repairs to a primary residence
  • Assistance with paying insurance deductibles
  • Paying for the cost of a hotel stay (should a member have a loss of home/shelter)
  • Assistance with paying for food/other basic needs (for those who are without) 

Should you be in need of our assistance – or you know of someone who is - please contact the IMOS Program at: (217)529-8900 ext. 212 or by email at: The Grand Lodge Officers and the IMOS Board of Managers wish you the best and sincerely hope you and your love ones are safe and secure. 


Talia J. Dean
Director, Illinois Masonic Outreach Services

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