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Coins For Children
This year the Coins for Children Program of the Grand Lodge of Illinois has provided matching funds of several thousand dollars to Illinois Masonic Lodges for their contributions to community projects to assist children. It is a program that is designed to assist lodges expand and extend their charitable efforts in their communities.

Participation in this Grand Lodge matching funds program is an excellent way for each lodge to receive publicity at the local community level. By contributing to community projects to assist children, Masonic Lodges can expand awareness of the benefits and contributions of Masons in their communities.

The challenge is for each lodge to review its philanthropic programs and the application form for the Coins for Children Program, identify a project within the program's guidelines and submit the application form. By planning their public relations, lodges will have opportunities to receive publicity for the fund raising activity, the lodge's initial contribution and the matching funds from the Grand Lodge. And finally, your lodge's contribution to the Coins for Children Program at Grand Lodge provides an additional opportunity for local publicity.

For additional information about Coins for Children, contact:

William Graber
Chairman, Coins for Children

Franklin Cline
Grand Secretary

To download an application:

Coins for Children application

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