Areas of Interest
Committee Chairmen
Appeals and Grievances  Steven B. Bashaw
Board of Grand Examiners  M. Omar Ali
Correspondence  Cecil R. Bradley
Credentials  Robert H. Wright
Foreign Jurisdictions  John C. Loayza, Sr.
Assistant Grand Chancellor
 Luciano Azevedo
Grand Master's Report  John Meek
Illinois Masonic Charities  Thomas D. Kleiner
IMCAP - Board of Managers   Brad Cole
IMOS - Board of Managers   Ronald J. Ehemann
IMSAP - Board of Managers  Angelo S. Deserio
Jurisprudence  John Peter Curielli
Legislation  L. Milton McClure III
Masonic Education  Scott Dueball
Obituaries  Joseph H. Eby
Petitions  Herbert J. Lindberg
Special Committee Chairmen
 Academic Bowl  Dale F. Thayer
 Coins for Children  William D. Graber
 Daniel Carter Beard  Daniel L. Rockwell
 General Counsel  William J. Warmoth
 Grand Lodge Arrangements  Michael Donaker
 Illinois CHIP  James D. North
 Insurance  Andy Hassan
 Investment Advisory  David L. Brumme
 Leadership Development  Luciano M. Azevedo
 Masonic Awareness  Patrick E. Schlehuber
 Membership  Wayne Spooner
 MSA Field Agent  John H. Jacobsen Sr.
 Newsletter Editorial  Edward R. Walker
 Website Committee  William A. Bussiere
 Youth Activities  J. Wendell Haney
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