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Illinois Freemasonry Magazine
The mission of Illinois Freemasonry magazine is to inspire, inform and educate our membership as well as their families, relatives, friends and associates by providing articles highlighting:
  • The history and progress of Masonry in Illinois and the world
  • The actions and experiences of lodges that would be of interest to the membership and provide models for other lodges in Illinois
  • Non-Masonic articles believed to be of interest to our membership and
  • Examples of charitable and community activities of local lodges and the Grand Lodge
Published quarterly in the months of February, May, August and November, Illinois Freemasonry plays a central role in communicating to our membership notable lodge developments and the programs and initiatives of the Grand Lodge of Illinois, A.F. & A.M.. The magazine also carries timely news about successful lodges and achievements by individual Masons. We spotlight the efforts of Grand Lodge committees such as Masonic Awareness, Masonic Education and Lodge Education/Programs for the benefit of Illinois brethren.
Illinois Freemasonry Magazine
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Table that lists the contents of the current directory
Table that lists the contents of the current directory
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