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Featured Writer: Bro. John Loayza
Lodge officer responsibilities include...
Created: 1/5/2017

Featured Writer: Bro. John Loayza

Lodge officer responsibilities include the assurance of continuous growth...

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The Learning Corner

It’s often been said that the purpose of Freemasonry is to make good men better. Naturally, the question then is: “how do we do that?”

The methods and approaches we take to impart knowledge and understanding to the members of our fraternity is truly at the heart of how we achieve our fraternal purpose. Our Masonic education and training should always endeavor to satisfy the intrinsic thirst for knowledge that draws most men to our fraternity, in the first place.

Your Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Education has now completed its efforts to revise and publish the new Intender Materials for use by degree candidates and their assigned Intenders (Mentors) in the State of Illinois. These new materials include an all new Intender Manual, On the Threshold booklet, Enter Apprentice Guidebook, Fellowcraft Guidebook, and Master Mason Guidebook. These are now available and can be ordered from our Grand Lodge office in Springfield. Please be aware that the older versions are now considered obsolete and should be discarded.

The release of these new materials (dated with Copyright 2007-2011) represents the launch of a whole new era of training and education for our fraternity and its members. Your Committee on Masonic Education is now working to bring forward several new printed and digital media based training courses that will use the new Intender Program as the launch pad. How high or far this effort can take us is unlimited.

My sincere thanks and gratitude go the members of our committee, the Internet committee, our Grand Lodge Officers, and their staff for all their efforts in getting the new Intender Program to you.

In addition to all our new efforts, you will continue to find fresh new articles on this website, the Learning Corner, and also published regularly in the upcoming issues of your Illinois Freemason magazine. Our statewide Eureka Challenge will also continue to entertain and educate the participating membership.

Your Committee on Masonic Education is poised and ready to help guide you in your search for Masonic Light. Your path is well marked and has plenty of illumination to help you find your way. It is, however, up to you to start the journey. We look forward to your participation.


Raymond J. Babinsky – Chairman

IL GL Committee on Masonic Education    

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Table that lists the contents of the current directory
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